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5 Types of Dogs in the Wild That Are Legal as Pets

Dogs as pets are certainly not foreign to the public. However, dogs have many species spread all over the world. Some of them live wild in the wild such as forests. However, can animals such as wolves, foxes, and coyotes be kept as pets?

This can certainly be achieved provided you have met some general and specific requirements for maintaining them. Because, some animals in zoos that are not accredited are basically pets. Even keeping a tiger can be done if you have the conditions, space, and knowledge. Surely it’s not for a novice pet-keeper to have them as exotic pets.

Reporting from Pethelpful, here are some dogs, foxes, and wolves in the wild that are legal as pets. Check it out!


Dogs are descended from wolves, but dogs are domesticated by humans to be kept. However, it is not uncommon for humans to keep wolves and this is an almost common thing. Wolves are very social like dogs, but their needs are more challenging, especially to adapt to other animals in human domestic life. Therefore, it is recommended that you have a confident canine or wolf dog companion. In addition, there are some ancient races such as the akita and basenji that maintain a wolf-like nature, you know!


The coyote is a coyote native to North America. However, domesticated coyotes are rarely found outside of zoological facilities and individuals with a license to keep them (often for Educational purposes) do exist, however. These are difficult pets, as … Read More


Sugar Glider, Cute Marsupilami From Mainland Australia And Papua

The sugar glider, which has the scientific name Petaurus breviceps, is an endemic animal originating from the islands of Papua and parts of northern mainland Australia. This sugar glider turns out to have an Indonesian name, namely wupih soursop. This animal has gray and cream-colored fur on its chest with a black stripe along its back. This sugar glider has the ability to glide through the air and likes sweet foods, such as nectar and fruit, as well as eating insects. These animals are also included in nocturnal, tend to be active at night. This animal is similar to a squirrel, but in fact, this animal is more closely related to the kangaroo. Sugar gliders are marsupials, which are mammals whose females have a pouch.

Sugar Glider

Sugar gliders are tame animals. You can make him a pet. The uniqueness of this sugar glider is that it can memorize the owner’s body odor and is easy to take everywhere. If you want to speed up the sugar glider’s sensitivity to its owner, you can simply put your used clothes around the cage and let the sugar glider memorize the owner’s smell. However, sugar gliders are animals that are difficult to train to defecate in place. Avoid this sugar glider from noisy places and exposed to direct sunlight because these animals are sensitive to glare light stimuli and are surprised when they hear noise.

Sugar glider animals are very cute, adorable, funny and smart, it’s no wonder now many people want … Read More


5 Ways to Treat Scratches Caused by Cats at Home

For cat lovers, you must have experienced a claw wound from this fur ball. It could be because the cat is being aggressive or scared so that their instincts come out. Most cat scratches are harmless and are generally minor injuries. For those of you who want to treat it at home, do the following, Ladies.

How to Treat Cat Scratches

1. Clean the Wound

First, make sure you’ve cleaned your cat’s scratch. Water alone is not enough, Ladies. For deep cuts, use warm water and soap. Do not rush when cleaning the wound earlier. If you hurry and scrub too hard, the scratch can open up, allowing germs to enter and deepen the wound.

Like disinfectants, soap also takes time to work, at least 2 to 3 minutes. Equivalent to the length of 1 song, right? Therefore it is recommended to sing 1 song while cleaning hands.

In addition to soap, you can also use alcohol to clean wounds. Depends on the stock in your house, yes.

2. Give Honey

Another antiseptic alternative that is widely known, namely honey, can be an option. Honey can be used if there is no alcohol in the house and you have sensitive and allergic skin.

Make sure you use real honey. You cannot use sugar syrup or corn syrup for this treatment. How to use it is quite easy, apply honey to the wound and leave it for a while. Then rinse with water or with a little soap if necessary.


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