5 Types of Dogs in the Wild That Are Legal as Pets

Dogs as pets are certainly not foreign to the public. However, dogs have many species spread all over the world. Some of them live wild in the wild such as forests. However, can animals such as wolves, foxes, and coyotes be kept as pets?

This can certainly be achieved provided you have met some general and specific requirements for maintaining them. Because, some animals in zoos that are not accredited are basically pets. Even keeping a tiger can be done if you have the conditions, space, and knowledge. Surely it’s not for a novice pet-keeper to have them as exotic pets.

Reporting from Pethelpful, here are some dogs, foxes, and wolves in the wild that are legal as pets. Check it out!


Dogs are descended from wolves, but dogs are domesticated by humans to be kept. However, it is not uncommon for humans to keep wolves and this is an almost common thing. Wolves are very social like dogs, but their needs are more challenging, especially to adapt to other animals in human domestic life. Therefore, it is recommended that you have a confident canine or wolf dog companion. In addition, there are some ancient races such as the akita and basenji that maintain a wolf-like nature, you know!


The coyote is a coyote native to North America. However, domesticated coyotes are rarely found outside of zoological facilities and individuals with a license to keep them (often for Educational purposes) do exist, however. These are difficult pets, as they are not intentionally bred or sold like dogs and wolves. Generally, they are regulated as native wildlife and make it illegal in most countries.

One of the people who owns a coyote is Rick Hanestad. He named his animal Wiley the Coyote. Rick found it while he was hunting to kill coyotes (coyotes in some countries are considered a pest and are mistreated). However, Rick changed his mind and raised this coyote puppy in his household. He was very lucky when his country was willing to issue a permit to keep him, after being persuaded by his supporters.

Red Fox

Despite its name, the red fox can come in a variety of colors such as black, white, and combinations. They are indoor-outdoor pets with most recommending that they have an outdoor cage. The reason is, foxes are not that easy to take out like a pet dog in general. They can escape and are almost impossible to recapture.

In addition, the fox has a very strong smell. When they are marked with urine, this can be a hassle for you. Therefore, stress management for pet foxes is very important.

Fennec Fox

In addition to the red fox, there is also the fennec fox. This is one of the more popular exotic pets. Fennec foxes are the only foxes that are suitable for 100% indoor life, although some people choose to build an outdoor enclosure for them. Their smell is also not very strong, but most of these foxes are very active.


They look like ordinary dogs, but they are actually a species of wild dog. Reporting from AZ Animals, although the scientific name is Canis lupus dingo, the taxonomic classification differs depending on the classification. There is no consensus as to whether they were wolves, primitive dogs, hybrids, half wolves half dogs, or some other distinct species. However, genetic testing has shown that they were related to the New Guinea highland wild dog leading to modern domesticated dogs.