Sugar Glider, Cute Marsupilami From Mainland Australia And Papua

Sugar gliders are tame animals. You can make him a pet. The uniqueness of this sugar glider is that it can memorize the owner’s body odor and is easy to take everywhere. If you want to speed up the sugar glider’s sensitivity to its owner, you can simply put your used clothes around the cage and let the sugar glider memorize the owner’s smell. However, sugar gliders are animals that are difficult to train to defecate in place. Avoid this sugar glider from noisy places and exposed to direct sunlight because these animals are sensitive to glare light stimuli and are surprised when they hear noise.

Sugar glider animals are very cute, adorable, funny and smart, it’s no wonder now many people want the adoption of these tiny animals. Make no mistake sugar gliders are not rodents, they are marsupials from the mammal family such as kangaroos, and koalas. This animal is suitable for all ages as a pet, it can be for children aged 6 years and older, but for children there must always be adult supervision.

Sugar gliders have a greater potential for bonding with their owners than gerbils or hamsters. Consider the age of sugar gliders to begin with. Their native habitat is in Australia and Papua, they are social animals, live in groups of 10 to 15 individuals, making the bonding process with Humans are very natural as pets. The life span of a sugar glider is 12-15 years. The most favorite thing about this animal is that we can take it everywhere with a bonding pouch for vacation. Sugar gliders have a high loyalty nature, so that if they are given to other people they will sometimes bite, they are small in size but they are smart to remember, they can come to you when you call them and can get used to a trick.

Don’t worry about keeping sugar gliders, they are disease-free, so you don’t need to routinely vaccinate like cats and dogs, and you don’t have to worry about your budget will swell to maintain a sugar glider, you only need to spend 5 thousand per month to buy baby porridge and fruit or insect. Sugar gliders are clean animals, you don’t need to go to a vet salon to clean them, they can be grooming by themselves, or by wiping them with a non-alcoholic wet tissue.

One thing to note, sugar gliders can’t toilet training, but don’t worry they won’t pee in their bed unless you put them in a tightly closed bonding pouch. The urination cycle of about 4-5 hours is usually done after a long sleep, to avoid accidents, after you take the sugar glider, put it in a safe place, let him “relieve” and when finished please take him to play.

Sugar gliders marsupials they do not have the desire to sharpen their teeth, as do rabbits, rats and hamsters, because hamsters have a continuous cycle of teething causes the desire to sharpen / bite something, sugar gliders are not a problem in your home they have no instinct to sharpen their teeth by biting something like a hamster, your furniture in your home will be safe if the sugar glider is freed in your home. Sugar gliders are just cute creatures when they are freed in the room, they will jump from one place to another.