Tips for Fulfilling Pets Nutritional Needs

Having a pet certainly provides its own pleasure for each owner. However, raising animals also requires a big responsibility, especially in meeting their nutritional needs. It is undeniable, nutrition is the most important element that must be considered when raising a pet. Therefore, knowing dietary guidelines and fulfilling good nutrition must be known so that pets can grow healthy. The following are some tips to meet the nutritional needs of pets:

Don’t give bones to pets

Despite being one of the main favorites of pets, especially dogs, bones can have a negative impact on the health of pets and can cause dangerous diseases. Consumption of bones for pets can cause broken teeth, mouth and tongue wounds in the stomach caused by bone fragments, namely inflammation of the stomach lining which is one of the most dangerous effects.

Do not feed pets raw food

Contrary to popular belief that raw meat makes dogs stronger, it actually has a negative impact on their health. One of the greatest dangers of feeding raw meat to pets is bacterial infections, such as salmonellosis and internal parasites such as trichinae. This is the reason why veterinarians advise owners to provide cooked food for pets.

Do not invite pets to exercise after a heavy meal.

Many pet owners think that exercising right after feeding helps the digestive process, in fact, this is a misconception. Such a habit can lead to a very common fatal disease called gastric dilatation, also known as gastric bloating. Do not allow dogs or other pets to run or play after being fed.

Do not overfeed pets.

Overfeeding pets leads to obesity. Pet obesity is the most commonly observed nutritional disorder in pets, especially cats. Just like humans, obesity causes many dangerous diseases. Once you’ve identified that your cat is overweight or obese, it’s important to adjust the portions while maintaining all the necessary sources of nutrition to avoid malnutrition.

Do not feed pets with canned food.

Canned food is one of the most well-known foods used to feed pets especially cats, but in fact, veterinarians advise against it. Canned food has a high amount of salt and preservatives which are considered very harmful to the kidneys. Canned food can cause kidney stones and kidney failure in addition to urinary tract disease.