Tips for Choosing a Pet Care Place

Some people consider pets to be friends and even consider them a part of their family, so when they travel, they feel restless and sad to leave their pets. Carrying pets while traveling is certainly not an easy thing and certainly has risks for these animals, especially for very long trips. Usually animals will feel uncomfortable when traveling and of course this causes animals to experience stress. The best way to deal with this condition is to leave your pet in an animal care center. Before leaving your pet in a daycare, of course, you must first make sure that the daycare is comfortable and suitable for your pet. In addition, there are also several things that need to be considered in choosing a place of animal care in order to maximize the protection of your pet while it is being deposited. The following are tips for choosing a pet care center:

Clean place

Cleanliness is something that must be met in animal care. The cleanliness of the room or cage will directly affect the health of the animals that occupy it. Conversely, a dirty room or cage will trigger animals to be exposed to various diseases such as fungi, bacteria, and even parasites. You have to make sure that the kennel is clean. A smelly storage place definitely indicates that it was not cleaned properly.

Patient staff

It is better to choose an animal care center that has staff or nurses who are patient in handling animals. Before deciding to leave your pet, you should pay close attention to how the officer or nurse handles the animal that is deposited in that place. Do they look patient and full of love for animals or are they indifferent to the animals in the place. Try to walk around the room to find out to what extent they are responsible for the health of the animals that are kept there.

Adequate room and cage

Also make sure the room or cage is of adequate size to accommodate all the animals in it. Sanitation and the quality of the cage that will serve as a temporary residence for your pet while being deposited must also be considered. Make sure the cage where the animal is while it is deposited is able to make the pet feel comfortable. Make sure that the distance between the bars matches the soles of your pet’s feet. Bars that are too wide can cause injury to the animal’s feet. This not only causes the animal’s legs to sprain but can also lead to fractures. An animal’s leg stuck between the bars of the cage and then pinched can make a spontaneous reaction in the animal to pull it suddenly. If the nursery cannot provide a comfortable and suitable cage for your pet, you should bring your own cage. In addition to the size that is right for your pet, he will also feel more at home because he uses his own cage.

Ambient temperature

Ask and check the position of the cage that will be a temporary residence for your pet. Make sure the animal will not overheat while staying there. For animals that are accustomed to air conditioning, it is best to choose a pet care center that provides air conditioning. For outdoor cages, make sure the cage is not exposed to sunlight throughout the day. Also make sure the cage has adequate airflow for the animal.

There is supervision from a veterinarian

It would be even better if the animal care center you chose had a veterinarian who supervised the animals while they were being deposited. Veterinarians can monitor the health of the animals entrusted to them and can take immediate action if necessary. If the day care center doesn’t have a veterinarian on duty, at least they have staff who understand animal health. When the animals in custody show symptoms of illness, they can immediately call the veterinarian or take the animal to the veterinarian.