Tips for Caring for Dogs and Cats in the Rainy Season

Dogs and cats are two of the most adorable pets. Keeping both of them healthy is one of your responsibilities as the owner. Extra care is needed when the rainy season has arrived. Because, cold air temperatures and high humidity levels are believed to affect the health condition of pets. To keep dogs and cats healthy in the rainy season, here are some care tips that you can do at home.

Keep away from dirty water

Never mind pets, you can sometimes get skin pain if you get splashed with dirty water or get hit by a puddle. As much as possible keep pets away from dirty water because it can cause infection in the intestines. If it is already contaminated, then the infection usually lasts for about a week. It is better to take your pet to the doctor for further treatment.

Keep your claws or nails dry

Humidity that occurs during the rainy season is prone to cause pododermatitis in animals. Pododermatitis itself is like an inflammation that occurs between the feet or palms of dogs and cats. The ends can cause serious skin diseases. Wipe with a soft cloth, then clean between the feet and hands of the dirt that sticks.

The bed must be dry too

Dogs and cats also need a cage and a bed as a resting place. Well, you can prepare a special place for him during the rainy season to keep his body warm. You have to make sure the bedding is dry, so the pet doesn’t get cold.

Eat regularly

Food is also important to note. Provide special food for dogs and cats, making sure to eat them three times a day as well to keep their bodies strong during the rainy season. Don’t forget to clean the food area every day. Because, leftover food that sticks can be a source of viruses or germs. If not cleaned, dogs and cats will get sick the next day when they eat.

Keep the fur dry

Dog and cat hair is useful for maintaining body temperature to stay warm. Given the air conditions in the rainy season are quite humid and tend to be cold, it is important to ensure that your pet’s fur is dry. As a result, the warmth of his body is maintained. To keep the smell of the fur still delicious, you can also add special animal powder, then apply it all over the body.

Clean the ears

Infection, especially in the ear, is one of the diseases that often occurs in dogs and cats in the rainy season. This is because humidity from outside can easily settle in the closed ears of pets. To avoid infection, you should clean the ears regularly.

Routinely take him to the vet

You also need to regularly take him to the vet for a health check. Also for trimming his long nails, combing and grooming his fur to keep it healthy. Treatment can be done once a month to your trusted veterinarian. In this way, you can know what the development of pet health is like. Even if it hurts, it can be treated immediately so it doesn’t get worse.