Pet Choices for Those of You Who Are Allergic to Hair

For those of you who like animals, keeping animals is something fun. Cats and dogs are the most common animals kept by humans. Apart from being easy to care for, these animals can be trained and invited to play. Maintenance also tends to be easy and not wasteful. Not everyone can keep these two animals because of health problems. Allergies to cat and dog dander are very common. Symptoms can range from mild, such as red eyes or sneezing, to shortness of breath. The following are some pets for animal lovers who are allergic to fur and can’t choose a pet carelessly:


Fish are animals that you can keep at home. Seawater fish have various types of fish that are relatively more beautiful in color. However, the price of seawater fish and equipment is more expensive than freshwater fish. For those of you who don’t have a lot of free time and money, it’s better to choose freshwater fish to keep. Keeping seawater fish takes patience, because you have to use seawater and take care of the sea anemones too.


Another animal that can be kept for those of you who have a feather allergy is a bird. Birds also have feathers but different from dogs or cats. Bird feathers tend to be large and not easily inhaled like cats and dogs. There are several things that must be considered when raising poultry. Especially the feeding time and the cleanliness of the cage. Birds tend to be easily stressed, so don’t make them hungry and uncomfortable in their cages. If you want a pet that you can interact with and get out of the cage. Cockatoos tend to be easy to train and don’t run away when released from their cage. Another bird you can train to get out of the cage is the owl. But owls are more difficult to train because they are more aggressive.

Short-haired dog

Before raising a dog, consider the type of dog you want to keep. There are several dog breeds that have short fur and do not even have fur. Apart from the possibility of not making your allergies flare up, there are several advantages to having a short-haired dog. First, dogs do not experience hair loss and littering your house. Second, the risk of contracting lice is minimal. Lastly, dogs will not waste shampoo when bathed. Hairless dog breeds range in size from small to large. You can choose a dog that fits where you live.


Reptiles make great pets and don’t make you allergic. If you don’t want reptiles that are difficult to keep, snakes are a great choice. At first glance, snakes sound scary, but they’re not. Snakes rarely attack creatures larger than themselves, plus they only need food once every two weeks. Besides not making you allergic, snakes won’t make you extravagant either. If you are interested, try starting with a snake that is easy to care for and not too aggressive.