How to Take Care of Pets in the Middle of the Corona Virus Outbreak

Animals such as dogs and cats that accompany us in our daily activities make us a little worried. Pets will not transmit the corona virus. The corona virus that attacks humans and animals is different. In humans, the corona will attack the respiratory tract. Corona in animals has its own type of corona called alpha corona and is not a corona virus. But you don’t need to worry, because caring for cats and dogs in the middle of this virus season is also necessary. Here’s how to take care of pets in the midst of the corona virus outbreak:

Watch your pet’s food intake

Pets such as dogs, birds and cats are very safe as long as you always pay attention to their health conditions. Be sure to watch your pet’s food intake by feeding them food. Do not forget to provide additional vitamins for your pet.

Keep the Cage Clean

Keeping the pet cage clean is very necessary so that they are always in a clean environment. Don’t forget to always clean it. If the animal cages are usually cleaned once a week, in this virus season, try to clean the cage every day.

Give Vaccines

Vaccination is very important so that pets are always protected. But, you still have to anticipate the presence of alpha corona. Alpha corona is a type of corona virus that is transmitted from animal to animal. Give your pet a regular vaccination schedule to keep your pet healthy.

Wash Your Hands After Touching Animals

You can keep people clean and healthy at home by diligently washing your hands, especially after touching pets. You should always make it mandatory to wash your hands after touching pets. Keep yourself clean and sterile from germs. You can wash your hands regularly after touching the animal’s sensitive parts to avoid germs.

Check Animals When Sick

Take care of your pet before it gets sick by taking it often to the doctor. Check your pet when sick to find out the disease and so as not to infect other pets. Don’t try to treat your pet yourself if your pet is sick, that’s one way to prevent bacteria from infecting you.