Exotic Animals That You Can Keep at Home

Exotic animals are not mammals that you can meet every day, but several types that are considered foreign, unique, rare, special, interesting as described above. Because some kinds of animals that are there seem dangerous but very foreign to be kept as pets. The following are some types of exotic animals that you can keep at home:

Sugar Glider

Sugar Glider is one of the types of animals that is suitable to be kept in the room and is very exotic, charming and very funny. At first glance similar to the koala for the pattern or the combination of body colors. However, this sugar glider is not as soft as a koala when moving. For all of you know that this animal took the name because it likes sugar, so the name carries sugar. Physically, his body is similar to a squirrel, only different in size and color, but he is also nicknamed a mini kangaroo because it has a pouch to store its cubs.


This one animal is famous for its evil poison. When in a cornered or pressed condition, the claws will injure anyone and immediately channel the poison until it can be deadly. But it turns out that quite a lot of people actually make it as a pet because it looks very exotic.


If you know a tarantula, it looks like a spider but is very different. If the spider is able to form a nest it doesn’t hurt but this tarantula is very scary and is hated by many people. But this tarantula is an exotic animal that can be kept at home.


Pythons are a type of exotic animal that you can keep. But snakes are not pets for children, so you should really keep them out of reach of your children. You can keep a python, but first you have to tame it and get rid of its poisons. To maintain it you must provide a spacious and strong cage.

Mini Hedgehog

Hedgehogs are spiny animals that are feared a lot, because their bodies can hurt. Therefore, if you want to keep it, you have to be careful, keep your hands from getting hurt. But the most important thing is to provide a location or cage that is really safe, especially safe for children who want to see.


Chinchilla is a type of mouse that has wide and large ears but is very unique. This is a well-known and very popular breed of animal in South America. Chinchilla is included in the list of exotic animals and the most interesting to keep. This is one type of rabbit that is safe for children.