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For extra information, go to the US Department of Agriculture pet travel websiteexternal icon. Another way for your pet to travel is on a separate flight as an air cargo cargo. If that is your choice, or a requirement primarily based on your canine’s dimension or the vacation spot country’s rules, then get your pet used to the delivery kennel forward of time. Make sure the door latches securely to keep away from any mishaps in transit. Ask your veterinarian for recommendation about when to give meals and water.

CDC does not have requirements for dogs leaving the United States. However, should you plan to return to the United States along with your dog, the canine shall be required to fulfill the identical entry necessities as canines arriving from international countries . Cats aren’t required by CDC to have a rabies vaccination certificates to enter the United States. However, most states and many other nations require them for cats, and CDC recommends that every one cats be vaccinated in opposition to rabies. Be sure to examine your destination’s necessities and ask your veterinarian earlier than touring.

Make certain you have your pet’s documents when traveling internationally and returning home to the United States. Leave your self loads of time before the trip to take care of your pet’s required medical care and paperwork. Although WestJet accepts the next pets in checked baggage, not all pets are accepted in all international locations.

pets travelers

Export certificates are official paperwork and they need to be typewritten, accurate, and complete. If your pet is not a cat or canine, there could also be different necessities. Some animals, such as primates or African rodents, won’t be allowed back into the United States. Even if they originally got here from the United States, they’ll’t be introduced back right here as pets. Whether returning or coming to the United States, all canine must appear healthy. There is a brief suspensionfor dogs imported from nations that CDC considers high risk for canine rabies. If absolutely essential for a canine or cat to journey in cargo, it should be in a sturdy container with enough room to face and sit, to turn round usually whereas standing, and to lie down in a pure position.