Benefits of Keeping Pets at Home

Keeping pets at home will certainly feel very inconvenient. Because there are still many things that need to be done when raising pets at home. It turns out that there are many benefits of keeping pets at home. In fact, pets are not just friends, they can also relieve stress and increase endurance. Here are the benefits of keeping pets at home:

Keeping Pets

1. Increase endurance

One of the benefits of having a pet is to increase endurance. In fact, a study says that toddlers who are raised in homes that have pets can reduce the risk of allergies. Even so, make sure you consult your doctor first if you have a history of allergies to animal dander.

2. Maintain heart health

Having pets at home is also beneficial in maintaining heart health. It is quite unique, but in fact the heartbeat becomes more regular when we are with pets. A person who owns a cat is less likely to develop heart disease. Very interesting, right?

3. Encourage active movement

The next benefit of keeping a pet is to encourage the body to be more active. Take for example when we keep a dog at home. We will definitely take them for a walk around the complex. This walking activity actually encourages us to be active, as well as light exercise.

4. Relieve stress

Surely you feel happy when playing with pets at home. It turns out that this feeling of pleasure is due to an increase in the hormones dopamine and serotonin. That way, the stress due to the many thoughts and problems that come up can slowly subside. Having a pet at home can also prevent us from feeling lonely, which is at risk of causing psychological disorders such as depression.

5. Mood is getting better

In addition to relieving stress, having a pet is also beneficial for keeping your mood better. Sure enough, because playing with pets for 30 minutes can make the body release happy hormones to the brain, and improve our mood.