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In the following battle Gigile takes on his true kind, and begins to sing Basara’s music. He discovers that he can truly generate his own Spiritia this way. Gigile defends Sivil to his demise, inflicting the complete planet Rax to explode. Meanwhile, one other colonization fleet, the Macross 5, makes contact with the Macross 7 fleet. The Macross 5 fleet has discovered an acceptable planet to inhabit, and christened it as the planet Rax.

Amongst the volunteers for this mission are the complete Sound Force. Geperuniti now views Sivil and Gigile as a risk to his plans of making a Spiritia Farm and orders his Protodeviln henchmen, Valgo, Gavil and Glavil to pursue and kill them.

When all appears lost the true plan of Operation Stargazer is revealed as Captain Jenius folds into the battle in a brand new superior VF-22S Sturmvogel II Valkyrie carrying the Reaction Weapon. He races into the center of the enemy stronghold, vegetation the weapon, and orders everybody to flee. But the mission is thwarted when within the final minute when the ingenious Geperuniti folds the Reaction Weapon to the situation of Operation Stargazer group’s Northhampton class frigate, destroying it. Basara and Sivil mourn for Gigile whereas the battle with Geperuniti intensifies. The UN Government of Earth offers the permission to Captain Maximilian Jenius to make use of the illegal Reaction Weaponry against the Protodeviln. Captain Jenius forms a plan called Operation Stargazer during which a few elite volunteer pilots will accompany him to the fourth planet of the Varautan system, now identified to be the base of Protodeviln operations.

anima fact

The mission is to stealthily attack the planet and plant the Reaction Weaponry in the chamber which homes the Protodevilns’ our bodies. Mayor Milia Fallyna Jenius is given momentary command of the fleet in the course of the mission.