6 Methods to Protect Animal Conservation

Not being photographed with wild animals

Being photographed with wild Animal Conservation may sound unique, but it is highly recommended not to do this! By not being photographed with wild animals, you respect these animals to live in their habitat. This is also in line with the EF World Animal Protection program which aims to protect animals without disturbing the place where they live. Come on, it’s time to protect them!

Animal Conservation

Not looking for rare animals

For some people, seeing rare and unique animals is a very exciting thing. However, have you ever thought about hunting him down? The answer is definitely no, yes! If you hunt rare animals then the types of animals in Indonesia and their diversity will continue to decrease.

This is because hunting for animals that often occurs usually uses search equipment that can disrupt our ecosystem. The search equipment can also make the animals they hunt injured, killed, until they become extinct.

Support efforts to preserve rare animals

If the initial points have been tried, then the second way to protect animal sustainability is to support efforts or programs aimed at animal conservation.

Continue to be sustainable for animals in Indonesia so that the balance of the ecosystem will always be maintained. One of the efforts that have been tried to protect the preservation of animals is by carrying out captive breeding and cultivating animals so that their existence does not become extinct.

Some of the captives in Indonesia are the Komodo National Park, Ujung Kulon National Park, Way Kambas National Park, Karimunjawa Shark Hatchery, Ujung Genteng Turtle Hatchery, and many other animal sanctuaries that you can find in Indonesia.

Carry out reforestation

Reforestation is an effort made for planting plants and reforestation to preserve forest ecosystems.

As we know, forests are homes or habitats for various types of plants and animals. If illegal logging occurs frequently, then the animal habitat will continue to decrease so that animals that previously lived in the forest will walk to human areas. Some of them are being hunted for individual interests.

Based on this, as an effort to protect the preservation of Indonesian animals, we must carry out reforestation so that the animal’s habitat is always protected.

Choose products that are environmentally friendly

In order to support the way to protect the preservation of animals in point number 3, we must choose products that are environmentally friendly so that the habitat and existence of animals in Indonesia can be maintained.

For example, when you want to buy and use products in everyday life, you must use them according to your needs and not overdo it.

Not only that, we also have to be careful and find out which products have the potential to disrupt ecosystems and products that can protect the sustainability of our ecosystem. Of course one of the products that will not disturb our ecosystem and always protect the preservation of animals is by no longer using plastic as a container for these products.

Do not carry out the sale and purchase of rare animals

The final method of protecting the preservation of Indonesian animals is not to trade in very rare animals. This is because animals that are rarely kept by humans will take a long time to adjust to returning to their natural habitat.