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How Many Animals Are Killed Annually?

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The prisoner, now revealed to be a Blue Rhinoceros elite squadron pilot, Irana Hayakawa, tells his story. Harakawa said that the Blue Rhinoceros was a staff despatched to analyze the fourth planet of the Varautan system, which apparently holds Protoculture secrets, or even descendants of the Protoculture themselves. They have been imagined to rendezvous with the United Forces Advisor Ivano Gunther, solely to find that Gunther was possessed by an alien entity known as the Protodeviln. The whole mission force is taken by the Protodeviln and used to assemble the new Supervision Army that is attacking the Macross 7 fleet.

According to Humane Society International, about 100 million animals are bred and slaughtered in fur farms geared to supplying the fashion business. It’s estimated that fifty% of those animals are raised and killed for fur trim. Eventually the enemy infiltrates City 7 and begins extracting Spiritia from civilians. Due to the secretive nature of the infiltrators and the state of their victims, they’re dubbed ‘vampires’ by the public forum. One of the ‘vampires’ is captured and revealed to be a human from an earlier lost house mission.

Basara tries to revive her, but she by accident drains him of his Spiritia, placing him into a vegetative state. This figure does not embrace cats and dogs killed in animal cruelty cases or injured and abandoned animals who die later. According to PETA, about forty% of U.S. hunters kill tens of millions of animals on public land every year.

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